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Media is essentially all the ways that different audiences can be targeted. It’s the medium in which a message is marketed. It’s a TV ad or a radio commercial; an online video or a sign on a transit shelter. It’s a sponsored post on Facebook, or a glossy spread in a magazine. If you’re consuming it – it’s media.

At Rose Wagner Media, we help you get your message out there – to the right people, at the right time, and in the right atmosphere. Through a consultation, we can discuss the best options, opportunities and avenues to get you from point A to point B. We’ll help you plan your campaign, pinpoint your audience, and tell your brand’s story. Whether you’re thinking of a mass campaign targeted to millions, or a single ad for a local newspaper – we understand how overwhelming it can be to get a plan in motion, and we will help you get in-market as soon as you’d like.

As doctors and lawyers are to health and law, media buyers are to advertising. For example, if there’s an advertising campaign that’s meant to target teenagers between the ages of 15-18, but all the advertising is done during school hours – how effective would that be? This is where a media buyer comes in. With access to huge amounts of data, research and analytics, we’re able to design informed media plans to target the Who, What, Where and When of your advertising budget. Creative agencies create the ads themselves, but they depend on the media agency to give these ads a home.

For the most part, all business owners have the same goal – to be successful. Money spent should have a return on investment. We strive to make your advertising dollars do what they’re supposed to –attract customers. Because without customers, let’s face it – there is no business.