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Consumer Trends of 2020 That Changed Everything!

Submitted By: Natalie Roth-Charron

Image by Aamir Daniyal from Pixabay
Image by Aamir Daniyal from Pixabay

Its finally 2021 (phew, we made it)!

Looking back at your business goals for 2020 might make you cringe. For many of us, none of our typical objectives were “ticked” this year, simply because staying afloat was the main objective.

No one could have predicted the changes that were ahead.

Looking *all the way back* to 2019, analysts were suggesting three popular consumer trends that were likely to grow in 2020.

The top trends being hyped included:

1. Focusing on self care and mental health

2. Making the home “multifunctional” – so that one can eat, play, sleep and work in one place.

3. A continuation towards environmentally friendly products and lifestyles.

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The Micro-influencer Trend:
Brand visibility and engagement in the Online World

Submitted by: Natalie Roth-Charron

Image by Erik Lucatero from Pixabay
Image by Erik Lucatero from Pixabay

To the relief of the global economy, 2020 has taught us that even if barred from entering physical stores, people still want to spend money. Because of this, advertising and marketing efforts have flooded our most intimate spaces. Advertising in the home, goes beyond television and radio spots. Smartphones and laptops that keep us connected to our friends and loved ones, also act as a highly visible online advertising platforms for any company willing to look to the digital.

To some degree, consumers have learned to tune out many forms of traditional and digital advertising. Advertising has simply become part of the background noise of our lives.

When media planning, how do brands breakthrough the “noise” and stand out among the rest? For so many companies, online “influencer celebrities” have become an increasingly desirable tool for online advertising campaigns….

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