The Evolution of Marketing AI in A Security Enhanced Future

Over the weekend I watched the original Blade Runner for the first time (if you haven’t watched it, you should – Harrison Ford in all his glory!) It got me thinking about how AI used to be such a futuristic idea, where now, in 2021 it’s a driving force in our world and especially in marketing. 

AI was a revolutionary addition to the industry and made it possible to serve customers more efficiently via “chat bots” and simultaneously target audiences in the digital sphere with precision a-la programmatic advertising. E-Marketer predicted that by 2020, 86.2% of digital display ads in the U.S. would be programmatic ( 

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One day this week, as I was perusing Tik Tok (‘cause we are living in a Millenial World and I am a Millennial Girl) a fairly popular video made by a social media marketer deemed that social media marketing was dead. She had come to this conclusion after recognizing that consumers had become savvy to and most of all bored of paid promotion.

This came as a shock to me! Taking this woman’s word as fact (as often occurs when lost in the labyrinth of social media messaging) I was thrust into instant fear for my professional career. Taking a breath and evaluating the facts, I reworked her thesis and came to this conclusion instead. 

Brands who want to take their social media marketing seriously, need a complementary campaign that extricates the benefits of paid promotion and an organic presence to maintain brand authenticity and create a loyal following.

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Maritime Tourism and Covid-19: Can we Stay Afloat?

Submitted by: Natalie Roth Charron

On May 16, 2021, Sandals Resorts announced that they are operational in all Caribbean destinations since the start of the pandemic. As a Canadian living in an Atlantic province, I can not help thinking “How is this possible?”

A quick trip to the Sandals website and a deeper dive into the measures taken to make travel possible to the luxury resort chain is extensive and impressive.

The list of assurances to increase traffic to these destinations impressed me! Included in the incentives to make travel as attractive as possible, Sandals offers the following:

  • Sandals pays for travelers medical insurance
  • Free room cancellation
  • Cleanliness guarantee
  • Covid-19 testing at the resort before your return to US/Canada
  • Layaway payment options

The attention to detail Sandals has implemented in these strange and ever-changing times is incredible and is clearly why this is possible. It might also offer a look into travel for the future for any destination. Is this what is necessary for people to travel, period?

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The IOS.14 Update & Championing User Privacy

Submitted by: Natalie Roth-Charron

On January 28, 2021, Data Privacy Day, Apple announced that they would be implementing App Tracking Transparency (ATT) into their newest update. Up until this point, apps have been able to track users across other apps or websites to understand their behavior and therefore, target them with advertising that is likely to resonate with the user.

Apple’s introduction of ATT has introduced a mandatory “ask” to see if users if want apps to track their behavior, effectively putting users in control of if and how their data can be recorded and used.

In December 2020, Apple began to show consumers that customer privacy was at the forefront of their business model and shared insight on how IOS apps track user-data. They affirmed that their consumer privacy is a “fundamental human right” and were aiming to do more to keep peoples’ data safe and protected.

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TikTok: An Internet Age Truman Show

Submitted by: Natalie Roth-Charron

In a 2020 eMarketer study, 91 % of American Marketers claimed to use social media marketing and 67% used influencer media. In a mere 12 months TikTok has gained a significant piece of this pie when it comes to both social media and influencer marketing and continues to illustrate the power of its far reach.

Why does TikTok work? Why have multiple generations become hypnotized by these 15-60 second videos? The geniuses at TikTok themselves state “don’t make ads, make TikToks!” as they are (likely gleefully) aware of the genuine audience their platform has created.

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Advertising Giants Pull Ads from Super Bowl 2021

Costly Mistake or Brilliant Masterplan?

Submitted by: Natalie Roth-Charron

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Advertising kingpins, Coke, Budweiser, and Pepsi have pulled their ads from this years Super Bowl. This decision has many people scratching their heads asking “why?” Onlookers may believe that with a hyper focused audience watching from home (a symptom from coronavirus, of course), one might expect top ratings this year. Could this decision result in a missed opportunity?

Check out the Coke and Doritos ads from Super Bowl 2020.

It is no secret that most businesses have experienced financial difficulties in the past 12 months, and these companies are not exempt from the cruel side effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, if one were to follow the advice of Warren Buffet (Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful) continuing investment during arguably the years biggest advertising event would be a no brainer.

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Consumer Trends of 2020 That Changed Everything!

Submitted By: Natalie Roth-Charron

Image by Aamir Daniyal from Pixabay
Image by Aamir Daniyal from Pixabay

Its finally 2021 (phew, we made it)!

Looking back at your business goals for 2020 might make you cringe. For many of us, none of our typical objectives were “ticked” this year, simply because staying afloat was the main objective.

No one could have predicted the changes that were ahead.

Looking *all the way back* to 2019, analysts were suggesting three popular consumer trends that were likely to grow in 2020.

The top trends being hyped included:

1. Focusing on self care and mental health

2. Making the home “multifunctional” – so that one can eat, play, sleep and work in one place.

3. A continuation towards environmentally friendly products and lifestyles.

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The Micro-influencer Trend:
Brand visibility and engagement in the Online World

Submitted by: Natalie Roth-Charron

Image by Erik Lucatero from Pixabay
Image by Erik Lucatero from Pixabay

To the relief of the global economy, 2020 has taught us that even if barred from entering physical stores, people still want to spend money. Because of this, advertising and marketing efforts have flooded our most intimate spaces. Advertising in the home, goes beyond television and radio spots. Smartphones and laptops that keep us connected to our friends and loved ones, also act as a highly visible online advertising platforms for any company willing to look to the digital.

To some degree, consumers have learned to tune out many forms of traditional and digital advertising. Advertising has simply become part of the background noise of our lives.

When media planning, how do brands breakthrough the “noise” and stand out among the rest? For so many companies, online “influencer celebrities” have become an increasingly desirable tool for online advertising campaigns….

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