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Diversity, Innovation & The Halifax Economy

2021 marked a significant milestone for Nova Scotia when the province reached 1,000,000 residents. While much of this growth may be sourced from the changing landscape of the country due to Covid-19, this development was actually trending before the pandemic … Read More

Maritime Tourism and Covid-19

Can We Stay Afloat? Submitted by: Natalie Roth Charron On May 16, 2021, Sandals Resorts announced that they are operational in all Caribbean destinations since the start of the pandemic. As a Canadian living in an Atlantic province, I can … Read More

The IOS.14 Update & Championing User Privacy

Submitted by: Natalie Roth-Charron On January 28, 2021, Data Privacy Day, Apple announced that they would be implementing App Tracking Transparency (ATT) into their newest update. Up until this point, apps have been able to track users across other apps … Read More

TikTok: An Internet Age Truman Show.

Submitted by: Natalie Roth-Charron In a 2020 eMarketer study, 91 % of American Marketers claimed to use social media marketing and 67% used influencer media. In a mere 12 months TikTok has gained a significant piece of this pie when … Read More

Advertising Giants Pull Ads from Super Bowl 2021

Costly Mistake or Brilliant Masterplan? Submitted by: Natalie Roth-Charron Advertising kingpins, Coke, Budweiser, and Pepsi have pulled their ads from this years Super Bowl. This decision has many people scratching their heads asking “why?” Onlookers may believe that with a … Read More