Diversity, Innovation & The Halifax Economy


2021 marked a significant milestone for Nova Scotia when the province reached 1,000,000 residents.

While much of this growth may be sourced from the changing landscape of the country due to Covid-19, this development was actually trending before the pandemic began (CBC.ca)

People in Canada and worldwide are seeing that there are many opportunities for growth happening in the Maritimes. There are countless jobs for people interested in healthcare, trades and of course the digital sector. Nova Scotia, especially is at an important stage of its provincial evolution, where it is able to offer these positions to people who come from all over the country and world. This will broaden provincial perspectives and shape a competitive economy on a global scale. 

Diversity at RW Media

At RW Media, our team is made up of people who come from all over our amazing country.

Rose, our President, is a second generation immigrant, who’s parents came from Holland and settled in Prince Edward Island. I (Natalie) hail originally from Ontario, but became a Nova Scotia resident in 2019 and Jaye splits her time equally between Ontario and Nova Scotia. Brittany originates from New Brunswick and currently works remotely from Alberta. Evidently, this is a high volume of staff who originate from and even work outside the province. We believe that the varied backgrounds of our staff affords us unique outlooks on business and the digital world, which helps cultivate and boost creativity our area of expertise.

Diversity in business and particularly in the digital sphere is sure to create higher levels of innovation in the field. Immigration from inside and outside of Canada is critical to Halifax’s continued development. These two spokes of the wheel: Immigration and innovation, are the tools that will lead to Halifax becoming competitive in the global market (Halifaxchamber.ca). 

Looking at The Numbers

  • To know Nova Scotia is to love it and it shows in the retention rates for immigrants, which hovers at 71% — that’s the highest in Atlantic Canada! (CICnews.com) 
  • In 2021 alone, 5,696 people moved to Nova Scotia from other countries and other parts of Canada (Novascotia.ca). 
  • Nova Scotia is preparing to launch a $2.5-million marketing initiative to support new provincial immigration and migration targets by attracting newcomers from across Canada (Novascotia.ca) 

Keeping it Local

Businesses in Nova Scotia like RW Media are unique as they work to increase the wealth and development of their local economy while keeping in mind global initiatives. We love the notion of championing diversity to benefit Halifax’s local economy and showing the rest of the world that Nova Scotia is a truly charmed place to live and succeed.