Marketing Consultation and Planning with RW Media!


Are you someone who has been led to believe that only big businesses are able to afford, or benefit from a marketing team? RW Media wants to reframe how you think about modern day marketing!

RW Media has been serving Atlantic Canadian businesses, big and small, since 2011. We are a boutique agency who thrives on creating success for local businesses in our community and a large part of that means offering an accessible service. We specialize in media planning, buying, consulting, and reporting. This allows us to confidently and efficiently achieve the goals of each business that comes through our door!

Deconstructing the Marketing Myth

It’s a myth that you need a colossal budget to reap the benefits of a well-planned marketing campaign. Having an agency make informed decisions about where you place your media could even save you money in the long run. Rather than take a shot in the dark, RW Media specialists aim to create an advertising environment meant to foster the best possible ROI. At the end of the day, whether your budget is $5,000 or $50,000 – we can customize your plan and use the right placements to fit the strategy.

Variable Planning

Each business is different and therefore, every media plan will look unique depending on your goals, targeted demographic, and budget. We specialize in buying media across all channels, including traditional, digital, and social. Your target audience exists in specific places within these channels, and we want to help you discover where they are bound to act.

The length and weight of your campaign will also depend on the aforementioned goals, targets and budget. An awareness campaign may look different from a conversion campaign. Additionally, how we report on each campaign will be unique. When our clients’ campaigns are live, we proactively monitor performance to make optimizations when needed. RW staff aims take you through each step, so that you can be confident in the applied tactics.

Digital spaces

The last several years saw many small companies needing to adjust the way they do business and move online. RW Media specializes in helping you understand those digital spaces and what the data means. For example, we’ll dig deep in your google analytics and based on our findings we can better advise where your presence will be received best. We aim to help you understand our practices, so you can serve your customers in the sincerest way.

Click this case study, which exemplifies the unique relationship with each client and our goal to be as accessible as possible.

Schedule a consultation with a Media Specialist at RW Media and discover the best approach for your business, big or small!