Marketing Strategies to “Kick Off” 2022


The Beijing 2022 Olympics are just a day away, with the opening ceremonies beginning this Friday, February 4. This year is also unique as the Super Bowl will be airing on February 13. With so many chances to get your brand in front of spectators, you might feel overwhelmed with the opportunities available. In this blog, we look at why sporting events are the perfect partners for marketing campaigns.

The Benefits:

Does your brand evoke feelings of harmony and cohesion? What better way to highlight those messages with a unifying and positive event like the Olympics. Despite the challenges facing the Olympics this year, “nothing changes the narrative like success” says Andrew Simon, Communications Expert at Edelman Canada ( Advertising that bolsters athletic excellence will always create positive feelings around your brand.

Contrast momentarily choosing to advertise at the Super Bowl vs. the Olympics. Traditionally, the Super Bowl is about an intense rivalry and your brand affiliations may change depending on your team. This might work for you, depending on your brand narrative and geo-targets! This will be something to consider when moving forward with choosing which events you want to advertise alongside.

The Olympics is special in the sense that you will also reach large amounts of people across many different demographics and generations. Think if your brand decided to advertise during the NHL Stanley Cup. Again, you are choosing to reach a specific geo-target and general age or gender demographic. This can work great for certain campaigns, but specific sporting events like the Olympics creates a rare opportunity to cross the boundaries of age or location demographics.  The sixteen-day long event also creates an opportunity to build a relationship and connect brands meaningfully with consumers over time (

Live viewing and streaming options are readily available for sporting events, which creates a heightened level of attention. This means that people generally don’t PVR the event (allowing them to fast forward through the commercials). There is also a large amount of people still working remotely. This might also allow for an increased viewership for events, as people will be more willing to tune in at earlier or later time slots. In addition, most premier events are still broadcast during peak times, which is important for television spots, respectfully (

The Big Bucks:

Now, we aren’t necessarily suggesting you need to empty your wallet to run a successful campaign alongside anticipated television events. We merely want to highlight that there is good reason why more than $3.3 Billion dollars is invested in advertising from direct sponsors for the Olympics every cycle.

The Tokyo Summer Olympics which took place in 2021, boasted a revenue of over $2 Billion in the US alone.

Broadcast television does make up the most of this spend but digital and streaming services are included in this estimate as well ( Air BnB signed a sponsorship contract with the Olympics to run until 2028 for $500 million!

Why are companies spending so much money? Because this highly engaged audience is watching.

Marketing Options for your Business:

Your marketing team should present you with the best options possible which might also include:

  • Television advertising and other forms of traditional media could be suitable for your business, especially if you’re looking to really grow the story of your brand.
  • Live steaming of sporting events has become part of the norm and therefore implementing a mix of digital, native, or in-app advertising might be right for you.
  • Social campaigns also create an additional space to engage your customer. Along with the increased real-time viewing of the games as mentioned earlier, this could create a solid buzz for your brand and be cost effective. Creativity goes a long way on socials!

There are so many different pathways to explore and choosing one or linking a few of these options together is sure to create a beautiful campaign for your brand.

We invite you to contact one of the media experts at RW Media to help you navigate which channels are right for you.