RW Media Answers: What We DO!


You may have noticed our new look on the Rose Wagner Media website and social media pages!

The past few years have been challenging for everyone, but thanks to the support of our clients, we’re still here! After 10 years in business, we decided to treat ourselves to a refresh to better represent who we are as a company. 

Our new designation as RW Media and the accompanying motif speaks to our reliability, grace and style. If you’ve worked with us, you already know this – just check out some of our testimonials. However, often when meeting with new and prospective clients, broadcasting that we are a “Media Agency” often unearths more questions than answers. 

As a Media Agency, pinpointing what we do is often challenging, because well… we do so much!

When a client comes to us, it is often because they are unsure:

  • If they should advertise
  • Who they should target 
  • Where they should advertise
  • How to manage a campaign 
  • How to track and analyze a campaign’s results

Here lies the beauty of RW Media:

We cover every aspect of this marketing journey! Take a peek at our services page for a detailed look into each spoke of the wheel that makes up our media agency!

Our promise is to be with you at every step of the way.

Not only do we tackle:

  • Consulting services to map out your goals within your specified budget
  • Audience research to understand exactly who your patrons are and what platforms will reach them effectively. 
  • Campaign management where we develop a strategy and traffic your creative to chosen vendors where we know you’ll succeed. Including but not limited to:
    • Traditional media such as billboards, radio or newspaper
    • Digital media on your computer and mobile devices
    • Social and influencer media 
  • Finally we create interim and final reports to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the campaign set in motion

We aim to be available to our clients to make each step in this process as uncomplicated as possible. Transparency is of the utmost importance to us because at the end of the day our success is yoked to each other – when you succeed, we do too!

Still have more questions? Get in touch with us on the contact page and we’d be thrilled to dive deeper into what the best options for you and your company are.