Not sure where to start? We can help you begin by identifying your goals, discussing options, and determining budget scope with unbiased counsel, and a whole lot of industry experience.

Need some Q&A time? We offer small business packages that help you get the support you need.

Media Consulting
Campaign Management


We take care of everything from start to finish. Media strategy development, channel and scheduling recommendations, negotiating and buying media space, ad/creative trafficking, performance monitoring and reporting.  Whether your campaign needs are business-to-business or business-to-consumer, we’ve got you covered.


Audience analytics can be overwhelming and intimidating – but with our in-depth knowledge, multi-channel resources and extensive experience, honing in on your target market is one of the tasks that we do best. After just one or two campaign briefings, we can begin to narrow in on who it is you want to reach – and the rest, you can leave up to us.

Audience Research

“The knowledge, experience, and attention to detail by Rose Wagner Media is evident throughout the entire team, contributing expertise in every aspect with the ability to expand into new channels and recommend new technologies in digital and out-of- home advertising to achieve our goals.

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We plan, buy, traffic, and monitor advertising in any and all forms of online and mobile media.  We make sure your messages are seen by relevant audiences. With strategic, programmatic and area-targeted buying, your online campaign is set for success.


With this medium, we can reach as broad or as specific of an audience as you want – and we can make informed tweaks throughout the campaign to optimize performance and generate the best-possible results. What better way to display your brand than to get people talking about it in a friendly and familiar atmosphere?

Social Media

"RWM practices firm adherence to interim and final deadlines and are always quick to respond to questions and other correspondence. The team is also flexible in its approach to project management and client needs. We recommend the services of Rose Wagner Media.”

influencer media


We have created authentic relationships with many Canadian influencers who are committed to promoting your brand in a professional, thoughtful and effective way. We take time to vet their audiences and content to make sure they are the right fit for your brand.


Very simply put, SEO is focused on your site build and SEM is a pay-per-click advertising strategy and tactic that supports user search queries.  The RW Media team is well versed with SEM and is Google certified.  RW Media can help with the creation of keyword lists and can facilitate the structure and set up of the corresponding text ads.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
Google Analytics


Google Analytics helps us and our clients to understand website traffic habits and trends based on the source of that traffic.  RW Media will build UTM codes for all paid media to help us track the quality of the traffic coming to your website and optimize with confidence as the campaigns progresses. Everything to time spent on site, engagements, attribution, and audience profiles will be analyzed.



Whether it’s a billboard alongside a major highway, a transit shelter downtown, or a digital screen at your favourite sports bar – this traditional medium still grabs the attention of thousands daily, while giving your message valuable exposure.


Television offers a highly-engaging format to reel in your audience and evoke emotion – all while marketing your brand’s message to the masses.


You can be sure all eyes will be focused on your brand in this distraction-free environment. Here, your message is centre-stage.


Connect with your audience on those long car rides, and let your message keep them company. We’ve got years of experience executing successful radio campaigns, and know how to make the most of this connective medium.


From magazines and flyers to newspapers and inserts, this traditional medium still holds its own when it comes to reader engagement.


When a campaign calls for it, we like to get creative. There are really no limitations to what we can and can’t do with ambient executions.

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