Rose and her team have consistently exceeded our expectations in delivering results, achieving campaign goals, recommending changes throughout campaigns as needed, and building on our market presence year after year. Our marketing program requires working with many different brands and organizations and Rose Wagner Media has consistently managed deadlines to ensure timely delivery of creative assets, ad trafficking, and campaign wrap-up with each of these organizations.


“Rose and Jaye were very thoughtful in their recommendations, went above and beyond to service not just our needs but our clients’ needs, and provided timely, insightful, and comprehensive reports.

On one occasion the clients’ own advertising channel needed to be established from scratch, and they patiently advised on the process and supported the initialization without impacting the overall budget.

On several occasions we asked them to present directly to our client – who wanted a more hands-on relationship with the buying process. We were delighted with their professionalism, their cool under pressure, and their depth of knowledge on their recommendations.

We appreciate them a great deal and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any client.”

“Working with Rose Wagner Media is easy and always a real business pleasure. Rose and her team bring forward continuously sound media strategies no matter the size of project and they are thoughtful and always on target. Their thinking is well backed up by research and always on top of the trends. The team is thorough and their attention to detail makes campaigns go smoothly!”


“Rose and her team are wonderful to work with; professional, knowledgeable, patient and helpful.  They educate us, keep us on the right track and nudge us when needed.”

“Rose Wagner Media works with our company to find the media solutions that are best suited for our brand and the target markets we want to reach. They work with us to explore new avenues, in order to stay ahead of the ever-changing media landscape. They are a nimble team who can react quickly, which is critical in our competitive industry.”

“We have been extremely satisfied with the services provided and results achieved by Rose and team. They are strategic, professional, and collaborative in nature, all of which are critical to the success of our working relationship which included several agency partners and many moving parts. RWM practices firm adherence to interim and final deadlines and are always quick to respond to questions and other correspondence. The team is also flexible in its approach to project management and client needs. We recommend the services of Rose Wagner Media.”