Travel Advertising 2022: Once in A Lifetime


Expedia aired a new advertisement at the 2022 Super Bowl called “Stuff.” The spot highlighted a general feeling that consumers are hoping to make travel their #1 priority in 2022. This advertisement, as well as others released this calendar year clues consumers in to how the travel industry is expected to perform this year: sensational.

Travel plans and the industry in general looked a lot different for Maritimers this time last year, as explored in this past blog. 2022, however offers more possibilities, so whether you’re planning on staying local, or finally boarding a flight to Europe, things are opening up, and this time; it might be for good!

Check out the popular Expedia spot, starring Ewan McGregor here!

Now or Never

Domestic travel and “staycations” saved the Canadian tourism climate in 2020/2021. This year, however, Canadians are expanding their horizons and looking for trips that charge their adrenaline and that means splurging more than usual. Some call it “bucket list” travel and others say, “go big or go home!”

People feel a definite sense of urgency to get back on the road and see the things that they’ve been barred from for the past 2 years. Current advertising reflects this urgency and the sense that consumers are looking to prioritize experiences above material goods.

Now might finally be the time to check off that “Euro-trip” that’s been on your mind. Direct routes from The Halifax Stanfield International Airport to European destinations like London, Paris, Dublin, Glasgow, and Frankfurt are back to their pre-pandemic schedule. All that is left to do is throw a dart at the map and be on your merry way!

Let’s Get Together

Another travel trend to look out for is the family reunion or “friendcation” getaway. Searches for vacation homes abroad are on par for the 2019 season and this trend is being driven by the 18-34 age demographic ( People have been kept apart for long enough and there is a surge of people looking to reconnect. We can see this trend in advertisements for VRBO where rental properties that can accommodate the whole family (and we mean everyone) are at top of mind. Abercrombie & Kent’s data shows a 26% increase in future bookings of five or more guests as compared with 2019 (

Check out the catchy VRBO spot (featuring the Voice of Kermit the Frog): here.

Home Sweet Home

For those not ready to jet set across the Atlantic, Staycations are still a very viable and attractive option. January 2022 saw a huge spike in searches for domestic travel in Canada. The most popular locations being Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Those looking to continue the exploration of their own backyard, are skewing their experiences to travel that is ethical, sustainable, and informational. The phrase encompassing this trend is “edventure.” Local travel continues to be popular to Canadians, as our country is far and wide and offers countless natural wonders.

Whether you’re jet setting to Europe with your bestie, getting the family together, or enjoying domestic travel this summer, one thing is for certain: Canadians will be travelling and it’s going to be good!